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The vast expanse of the internet is often cluttered with misleading reviews, causing a decline in consumer trust. That’s why we established RCdroneGuys.com, aiming to be the beacon of trustworthiness for all RC enthusiasts, from drones to cars and boats, and everything in between.

RCdroneGuys.com: For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts

Our platform is crafted with the intent of offering a transparent and reliable perspective of the RC market. We’re here to ensure that your passion for RC gadgets is met with genuine products that align with your expectations, be it in terms of performance, durability, or value.

Our mission is to navigate the vast RC market, empowering consumers to make informed and safe choices. Our dedicated team, each an expert in their niche within the RC world, ensures that every product undergoes rigorous testing, reflecting true expertise.

Our Review Process

We take immense pride in our meticulous testing methodology, which encompasses a comprehensive examination and rigorous stress testing of all features. Only products that align with our high standards of safety, value, delivery, durability, customer service, and overall experience make the cut.

Given the vast array of RC products available online, ranging from subpar to top-notch, discerning their true value can be challenging. Our seal of approval acts as a benchmark, spotlighting only the crème de la crème. Our systematic testing approach begins with safety checks, followed by quality and user experience assessments, and finally, a value-for-money evaluation against competitors.

Being a platform built by RC enthusiasts for fellow enthusiasts, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools to influence the market positively. We delve deep into each product, gauging general opinions and understanding the ethos of the associated brands and manufacturers.

Our passionate team, with extensive experience in the RC realm, is committed to identifying the best the market has to offer. When you opt for a product on RCdroneGuys.com, you’re choosing quality, safety, and genuine value.

Meet Our RC Experts


My name is Jim Harris and I created RCDroneGuys with the help of my 2 best friends.
We love everything RC, boats, cars, planes, and drones, you name it!
Together we have years of tinkering with transmitters and receivers and writing reviews, blogs, and articles for a bunch of magazines.
Today we mostly work on this webpage as long as we’re not out breaking speed records with our own gear.


Emily, a mechanical engineer, has a soft spot for RC cars. Growing up in Michigan, she spent countless hours building and racing them. Now, she’s our go-to expert for anything on wheels, ensuring we’re always on track.


Benjamin, with a background in naval architecture, is passionate about RC boats. From sailboats to speedboats, he’s sailed them all. Based in Florida, he’s our anchor when it comes to all things aquatic in the RC world.