Black Bird 4K drone review, Is it a scam?

Last Updated: 09:42, 24 November 2023
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I've seen my fair share of drones – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Today, I've got my hands on the Black Bird 4K drone, and I'm as excited as you are to see if it lives up to the hype. Let's dive right in!

The Hype of The Black Bird 4k Drone

This drone has been seen on youtube and ads online for some time now, and it looks incredible. But then I see the price and think, something can't be right here. Its way to cheap.

A Black Bird Drone standing on a white chair with the text "Is it a scam?" in front of it

When I check the ads they say things like:

"The fastest drone of its size, designed for easy flying"

"perfect to fly inside or to record action shots whilst on the move"

So I bought the drone to test the claims, and I was a little worried as I always am when buying drones from new bands.
Who knows what I'm gonna get, if I'll get anytging at all?

But lo and behold, it was actually delivered only a couple of days after I ordered it and it came in a nice branded box.

With the delivery process being surprisingly quick and convenient, my initial skepticism was removed, at least its not a scam as I got something.

But now I was eager to see what type of drone this Black Bird 4k really is.

Unboxing Experience

Black Bird 4k unboxed on a wooden floor

    Straight out of the box, I was impressed. The packaging is sleek, giving off a premium vibe. It's always a good sign when a company invests in presentation.

    Inside, we've got the drone itself, a controller, a set of spare propellers, a USB charging cable, and a user manual. Everything's neatly packed and secured. No signs of any damage during shipping – thumbs up for that!

    Initial Thoughts:
    Holding the drone in my hands, it feels sturdy. It doesn't have that cheap, flimsy feel that some budget drones tend to have. The design is pretty sleek, with a matte black finish that gives it a stealthy look.

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Setting Up

Setting up the Black Bird 4K was a breeze. The user manual is pretty straightforward in the sence that it's not really needed.
I did check the manual and can add that it's in very small print. thankfully, the setup is quite intuitive – even if you're new to drones, you'll find it easy to follow. Here's a quick rundown:

    The drone comes with its battery partially charged. But I'd recommend giving it a full charge before your first flight.
    The included USB charging cable is easy to connect and it takes about 50 minutes to charge the battery from %0 - %100.
    Another nice thing is that the battery has a little led indicator that lights up when the battery is fully charged.

    The controller is deasent, even though it feel a little cheap it fits comfortably in the hands. and in all honesty, the joysticks are actually very responsive. There are also convenient buttons for quick functions like takeoff, landing, and fine tuning. So the the only flaw is the plastic "feel", other then that it's quite qood.

    Pairing the drone with the controller is easy. I downloaded the app by scanning a QR code in the manual and after that they automaticllay connected.


A grey Black Bird 4k Drone standing on a white wooden surface

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Design and Build

    Compact and Portable:
    One of the first things you'll notice is that its a compact drone that looks very professional. It's lightweight witch hints at it being a cheaper kind of drone. But the build is is good in the sence that it feels durable and well enginered. Nothing rattles when I shake the drone, and the arms snap into place when unfolded.

    Foldable Arms:
    The foldable arms are a neat feature. They tuck in nicely, making it even more compact. Plus, it ensures the propellers are protected during transportation.

    Camera Placement:
    The camera sits at the front, giving it an unobstructed view so it wount see the propeller blades. The camera can be manually tilted up and down, which means you'll have to choose where the camera points before each flight.

Features and Capabilities

Black Bird 4k comes with some real nifty and beginner friendly flight Modes, so it isn't just a pretty face

    Headles mode:
    The drone control setting where forward and backward movements relate to the pilot's perspective, not the drone's orientation. Great for beginners as there is less things to think about.

    One buttion start:
    With the press of a button, the drones takes off and hovers still in the air, waiting for new imput from the controller.

    One button landing:
    With the press of a button, the drones gently lands on the ground.

    One button flip:
    With the press of a button, the drone automaticaly does a rolling manouver.

Technical Specifications

The drone weighs about 120g and isn't much bigger than your smarphone when folded.
When the the arms are extended it's size is 12.5 x 7.5 x 5 cm.

    Flight Time:
    On a full charge, you can expect around 9 minutes of flight time. Not too shabby for a drone in this price range.

    The Black Bird 4K has a decent range, allowing you to fly it up to 30 meters away.

    It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect it to your smartphone. This means you can get a live feed directly on your phone – super handy for framing your shots but the frame rate is a little too slow to only rely on the video feed when flying.

Camera Performance

The ads say "Shoot Like A Pro" and "video in HD at a full 60 frames per second".
But what does it realy mean?

    The camera is a 720p camera, nothing special, but not bad at all. Even tough it's considered HD, it's not 4K as the name implies. I think the camera is still impressive considering the low price, but don't expect to use it for professional photography.

    Stable Recording:
    The ads say stable recording but I think they refer to the drone being stable and not the camera having some sort of internal stabilizer. Normally I'd expect a video software that stabalizes the footage or a gyro on the camera but there's none of that. With all that said, the video footage is quite smooth, especially when moving at higher speeds.

Pros: The Highlights

    Value for Money:
    For its price point, the Black Bird 4K offers features that you'd typically find in more expensive drones. however the quality of the controller and the camera aren't wonderful, but they definately good enough.
    As I said earlier, there's a plastic feel to some parts, but everything works and feel very good nontheless.
    And I do belive it's worth the trade, becasue the drone still performes and you get it for a good price.

    Deasent Camera:
    The 720p camera is good, it's just a little irritating that the names makes you believ its a 4K camera. But even so, 720p is good enough to watch the playback on your TV.

    From setup to flight, everything is straightforward. Even if you're new to drones, you'll find the Black Bird 4K easy to handle and fun with its different flight modes.

    Propeller Guards:
    The drone comes with 4 propeller guards that are easy to attach to the drone as well as 2 sets of extra propellers

Cons: Room for Improvement

    Battery Life:
    While the flight time is decent, a longer battery life would have been the cherry on top. But hey, for its price, it's still commendable.
    Sencitive to wind:
    This drone works great outdoors but you will have to compensate quite alot if theres just a little wind as the drone is so light.

Final Thoughts

So, is the Black Bird 4K drone a scam? Far from it!
It's a solid drone that offers a lot of bang for your buck. Sure, it might not be the best drone out there, but for its price, it's a steal. Whether you're just getting into drones or looking for a reliable backup, the Black Bird 4K won't disappoint.
Just know that it doesn't come with a 4K camera and

How to get your Black Bird 4k Drone?"

If you're considering the Black Bird 4K, I'd recommend purchasing directly from their official website. Some affiliate sites might tack on a few extra bucks, so going official ensures you snag the best deal.

Additionally, they offer a 33% discount (up to 56%) so you should definately check ut out

Buy Black Bird 4K Here

For those skeptical about its capabilities, I'd say give it a shot. Especially since they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee!
In the world of drones, it's a hidden gem that's waiting to be discovered. Happy flying!


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